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The 40 Best Examples Of Street Art In 2013


2013 Serpent

With each brush stroke or streak of spray paint that hits the concrete, street artists turn the notion that creativity and artistic ingenue can only be found within the stuffy halls of self-important museums entirely on its head. 2013 was no exception to this thinking, as can be seen in the following 40 images.

Turtle Tijuana

Street Pushers

Man Falling

Happy Area



Garden Balloon

Food Chain

Fish Tank

Man Screaming

Man In Sunglasses

Technicolor Man

Street Art 2013 Water Can

Street Art 2013 Waiting In Vain

Street Art 2013 Swimmer

Street Art 2013 South Africa Coast

Hand Silos

Bridge Rowing Man

Painting Rainbows

Old Woman

Rainbow Woman

Mouse Raft

Man Walking


Holding Hand

Golf Art

Dragon Corner



Looking Out

Birds Nest


Abandoned Hospital

Peeking Out

Rainbow Peace

Kissing Heroes

Kenny Crack

Jam Building

Dinosaur Meat

All images come courtesy of Street Art Utopia and Buzzfeed.

Via All That Is Interesting: The 40 Best Examples Of Street Art In 2013

Unbelievable street art.

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